Our services

We want to help telecom and it providers as well as users of telecom and IT services make the best of their business. Please review our offerings and let’s discuss.

IT and telecom provider offerings

Our range of services covers key business, management and project skills.

Business development

Do you need to strengthen your team on a temporary basis or do you just want a second opinion and an outside view? We can provide both. Our consultants have worked with and for it and telecom providers as well as vendors and know how to guide and/or contribute value to your business.

Business management

Our team consists of experiences business managers with the background and expertise needed to help you unleash the potential in your own organization. We can take charge; we can supply the extra resources and energy needed for your project to come through or we can guide your management team in separate sessions. The business is yours but we are eager to help you realize the maximum potential. Let’s talk about how we have helped other organizations achieve their goals.

Management for hire

Is your organization stretched to the limit? We can provide the breathing space you need to restructure your internal resources or hire permanent talent. Our experienced managers will safeguard your operation and assist you in the ways you need to stay on track.

Program and project management

We know IT and telecommunication project implementation. You know your own business and need to be in charge of change and decisions. However, we will provide the resources and management skills needed to complement your own skills and we will for sure take charge of and be committed to the deliverables and project tasks which naturally fall under our responsibility.

End user services

The telecom and it market is complex and constantly evolving. As a telecom and IT user, your core business is likely to be in a different domain. Whether telecom and it services are mere hygiene factors and a cost to your business or key to the delivery of your own services, you may not want to spend more time nor money on it than necessary. Let us guide you to the optimal service composition for your business. We will consider available technologies, your needs and priorities, capabilities in your organization, your strategic goals and weight these to transition costs, solution TCO and the gains from changes.

Telecommunication solutions

Is your telecommunication solution suboptimal or outdated? Time for a change or an update? Are you paying more for telecommunication services than what you think is fair? Let us assess the situation and make some suggestions. We will provide you with a viable set of options suited to your business needs and can also manage the transition including training and end to end project management. Do you want to go fully mobile, IP or both? We will guide you!

Selecting the right vendor and solution

In a crowded market space, it may not be your main concern or focus to monitor all options and solutions available. Let us do the work and provide you with viable options. Whether your motivation is to drive down the cost to find a solution better suited to your needs, we have the competency to provide the answer and to help you implement it. If we can’t come up with a better alternative in price and/or performance, we charge nothing.

It all starts by you letting us know!

Price plan optimization

Our main focus is B2B (Business to Business). However, even individuals or households may experience significant cost savings or functionality enhancements from analyzing and optimizing their telecom and cable usage. Consider your combined invoices from:

  • Fixed net or broadband telephony
  • Broadband IP or xDSL connection
  • Mobile telephony for all family members (incl recharge of prepaid subscriptions)
  • Cable network
  • Alarm and security services
  • Services mentioned for your second home/cottage etc.

Who are your existing vendors? Do their offerings work well together? Do you pay the right price? Are your packages suitable to your needs? Have your vendors ever bothered asking? Do they offer discounted bundles or are they happy invoicing you separately for each service?

Would even a 10% reduction be of interest? Then feel free to contact us, we may be able to help.